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Adventures in Wild Space ret-con

So in reading the Adventures in Wild Space series it was rather easy in determining where it fit on the timeline because Ezra was an infant. Since he was born in 19 BBY it was easy to place the first few books in the same year. However, it was recently brought to my attention that the editor of the series has publicly stated that the books should actually be placed in 17 or 16 BBY and that there was a miscommunication between himself and the author about that fact. So, being the great editor that he is (sarcasm) he somehow didn't realize that Ezra should have been a toddler at that time and not an infant. So, I've moved all of those books to 17 BBY, although the last two books probably take place at the very end of the year, if not into 16 BBY. Another thing that I've now thought about is that Ephraim Bridger's broadcasts in the books might actually be too early for 17 BBY also. I'm not sure about that but it's something to keep in mind. It appears Story Group or someone really dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully it's not something that will keep occurring because ret-cons and canon don't mix It's not hard to get it right the first time, especially on something as simple as whether a child is a toddler or an infant.

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