Servants of the Empire and The Rise of the Empire

If you picked up the Rise of the Empire paperback it collects three new short stories. One takes place between Lords of the Sith and Tarkin in 14 BBY (although Mercy Mission says it takes place a year after Lords of the Sith, it is really only "about a year" according to the author and takes place before Tarkin), Bottlenck takes place before A New Dawn, and the last one, The Levers of Power, takes place during the Battle of Endor. They are decent little stories, worth reading, but I hated having to pay for two novels I already had just to get these stories. Seems like a cheap trick on their part. However I better get used to it because I'm sure it'll happen again. The other new book I ad

Journey to the Force Awakens

Now that I've had time to get (mostly) through all of the new Journey to the Force Awakens material, I'll make some comments on them. First let's talk about the three character driven young adult novels, Weapon of the Jedi, Moving Target, and Smuggler's Run. I'll sum them up by saying there's not much to them that adds to the Star Wars lore, nothing all that original about them story-wise. However, there are some clues to the new movie in each book that are worth noting. Each of the books starts and ends in the time of The Force Awakens and gives a glimpse of the state of the universe for each character. Well, except for Luke. He's mysteriously absent from the story, although that fits

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