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Dark Disciple, Servants of the Empire

Just finished reading Dark Disciple and Servants of the Empire: Imperial Justice. I had heard great things about Dark Disciple and a lot of people said they got very emotional at the end. I enjoyed reading the book and since it was basically an adaptation of some Clone Wars episodes that were never made it had the feel of the Clone Wars series. However, it seemed rushed, and much of the relationship between Ventress and Vos was assumed during the time jumps instead of developed in the novel. It was this that made it fall a little flat, in my opinion. I just couldn't see Ventress and Vos behaving that way. It didn't seem genuine to their characters. As to where it falls in the timeline, that's pretty easy since they came out right before it was released and said it takes place before and after the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comics, themselves an adaptation of more Clone Wars episodes that never made it. As to why they broke the novel up around that comic series I'll never know as there really is no mention of Maul in the novel and no mention of Vos in the comics . That probably had more to do with the production order of the episodes than any real story details.

Imperial Justice was a little messier in getting it narrowed down because it mentions it's a year after Zare's sister disappeared. It obviously takes place just before, during and after Rebel's Season One episodes "Vision of Hope" and "Call to Action" since parts of those episodes are in the book. I had thought that the first book in this series started in 6 BBY and finished in 5 BBY because of the seasons going from Fall to Spring. However since Imperial Justice starts a year after the first book begins, and since it must take place after Empire Day which has to be in 4 BBY, then the first book must begin in 5 BBY. The explanation I have come up with is that Fall on Lothal is the beginning of the galactic year, so it is fall again on Lothal in early 4 BBY when Imperial Justice takes place. This makes sense because each individual planet in the galaxy has its own seasons that wouldn't line up with the calender that is based on Coruscant's revolution around its own sun. That being said, I think I've got it narrowed down. Only one more book in this series and it will probably wrap up before the end of Rebels Season One, since the Inquisitor is going to be in the book and he died at the end of Season One. We'll find out in October.

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